Forest School adventures begin!

Last week we ventured out on our first Forest School session! The children were amazing and loved the opportunity to be out in our ‘woodland’ investigating the surroundings. We discussed how to stay safe whilst outside, setting boundaries and a safety word. 


We found some burnt pieces of wood that had turned to charcoal – the children used them to make marks on the bricks. 

133  137

“I’ve found lots of triangles! 1…2….3 corners”

138   136

The children found lots of ladybirds and ants in the undergrowth, and even some on the ropes! 

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Learning about Diwali

This week we have been learning about the festival of Diwali and the story behind it. The children have discussed the different things that are done over this festive period and how similar they are to celebrations they are more familiar with. 

We discovered ‘light’ was a common theme. To celebrate Halloween people make lights out of pumpkins, and for bonfire night people light big bonfires and set off fireworks and sparklers. This is very similar to Diwali, where fireworks are also used in celebration and people light candles called ‘Diya lamps’ to welcome others home.

In school we made our own diya lamps from salt dough and lit them together. We could see how light helps people find their way in the dark. The children were fantastic – sensible and safe throughout.


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Texture Walk

On Tuesday, both classes went to the park to hunt out things with our fingers. We were looking for things that were smooth, rough, bumpy, soft, hard, squashy, sharp, prickly, crunchy AND crumbly!

We really had to think hard about what we were feeling between our fingers and make some choices about what was good enough to collect in our box.

We finished our walk off by munching on our deliciously crumbly, chewy and sticky flapjacks we made in cooking club.

126 123 114 124 117110 108

174 178 180 314 316 320 327

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Exploring emotions…

We have been thinking about different kind of emotions and what they look like on people’s faces. 

The children got into pairs and used an iPad to take photographs of each other showing different emotions – here are a few examples. 

All the photographs will be displayed in the school corridors. 

Can you tell what emotions they are showing?

252 253 347 552380 612

102 252 569

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A lovely day for a walk through the park…

…on our way to the Library!

The children were amazing – walking sensibly and using the books with care and attention. We learnt how to use a library and listened to some stories, as well as choosing our own books to look through as well. 

Thank you to our parent helpers! We couldn’t have done it without you. 

246 247 250 87252 85253 255 256 81258 259 71260 261 26269

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Cooking Club begins!

We used the story ‘The Little Red Hen’ to inspire our first cooking club of the year and the children made their own bread! They mixed all the ingredients together, especially enjoying the magic quality of the yeast…

They spent a long time kneading the dough, using their muscles to push, pull, stretch and squeeze the dough to get our rolls nice and fluffy! 

31 32 33 34 35 37 38 39 40

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What will keep the Giant dry?

We have been reading the story ‘The Smartest Giant in town’ today and were worried that the Giant gave away all his warm, dry clothes. We decided to make him some new clothes! But, first we needed to discover what the best material was for keeping him dry.

The children did an experiment testing out different materials. We found that the cotton wool and felt would definitely not keep the Giant dry and the tissue paper very quickly broke when it got wet. The foam worked very well and kept the little animal dry all day.

113 114

115 116

We then made collages out of a range of materials – creating new clothes for the giant. 110      112

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